At Nefit Industrial it is not only about technique , but about the total of activities which focus on the realisation of the customer expectations.
In the logistic field we can supply a comprehensive service, such as identification, special packaging and transportation. For the efficient production and supply of products to customer specifications , a flawless logistic flow is essential. The control of purchasing, goods-in, stocks, goods-out , production and delivery is done with the help of our fully integrated ERP-system. Thereby we have at any time a full instant insight of the production schedules and stocks. We aspire to “On time” and “In full”.
The internal material flow within our production facilities is constantly being analysed and optimised, so that costs and lead time are continually reduced .
Nefit Industrial can take care of the complete picture concerning your orders, such as purchasing, incoming goods , storage, packaging , identification and delivery to the specified address.
During the last few years the purchasing of complete ready to line (sub)systems has become a trend. This is often a challenge for suppliers to comply with this tendency. Nefit Industrial is fully equipped for the assembly , testing , packaging and delivery of products.

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