We are specialist in castings of whiteheart malleable iron. This material is ideal for technically advanced and complex products especially where a high degree of detail is required. We supply our castings in several qualities GJMW according to the standard EN1562. See below for further specifications.

Whiteheart malleable iron is cast with a high carbon content and at high temperatures. Herewith we can make castings with wall thicknesses from just 3 mm. Because of the special solidification process and heat treatment our castings are leak proof. As whiteheart malleable iron always gets a heat treatment , it is also suitable for deformation , bending and machining. Due to the decarbonisation during the heat treatment, the castings are also weldable. Whiteheart malleable iron is therefore an ideal material for piping , construction- and weldable products.

Advantages of whiteheart malleable iron are:

  • Freedom in form design (also with application of cores)
  • Low costs in serial production (near net shape, no subsequent elaboration)
  • Thin wall apllications (less weight , less costs)
  • Leak tight (ideal for gas- and liquid tight products)
  • Good weldability, hardening, formable and machinable (decarbonised surface)
  • Excellent zinc coating, coating, painting or other surface treatment

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