Nefit Industrial B.V.
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7418 BG Deventer
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For more than 50 years Nefit Industrial has been making castings from whiteheart malleable irFitting bendon. The production of malleable fittings has been playing an important role from the very start. Nefit *N* malleable fittings are made with the greatest care and fully comply with the EN 10242 and ISO 49 class A standards.

Nefit *N* Malleable fittings are made as “black” and hot-dip galvanised models. For quality assurance the fittings are undergoing a full inspection and are tested for leaktightness. Nefit Industrial carries a very wide range of quality fittings in stock.
Ask for your detailed documentation on types, dimensions and areas of application, or go straight through to our digital catalogue.

We are also supplying custom-made goods in accordance with industrial standards as specifiedFitting T-piece by the customer, for example fittings for sprinkler installations that undergo extra testing on deformability and high pressure. Once approved, these fittings will receive a special hallmark.